Monthly Goals (July 2017)

Hello there, Guys and Gals!!! It is already July. Can you believe that? Where did time go? I feel like I was just writing down my New Year’s resolutions and now I’m preparing my mid-year goals. Every month we are given the opportunity to start anew. So here are my July goals:

1. Volunteer in my community at least once this month 

2. 15 Day “no spend” challenge 

3. Walk at least 10,000-20,000 steps a day

4. Do more activities that give me pleasure

5. Make nutrition a priority

6. Start contributing 1% more to my 401k

7. Meditate more

8. Complete Parenting Agreement

9. Get my nose out my phone, look up, and engage with the world around me

10. Love myself more (flaws and all)

Each one of my goals will make me a better woman, mother, and significant other. By creating positive images in your mind, they will manifest in your actions. Be sure to check out the book listed below for tips, tricks, and tried-and-true tactics to make a difference in every aspect of your life. So what is your July goals?

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13 thoughts on “Monthly Goals (July 2017)

  1. I can agree to the no-spending challenge… lord knows I need that in my life. I’d also like to start going back to church on a regular basis. We could all use a little more faith in our lives. I’d also like to start putting nutrition first, that has definitely taken a sit on the back burner while we’ve been busy. Lastly, I’d like to start blogging more. It’s taken me some time to muster up the courage to start my blog, but I’m finally ready to pursue my passion!
    Happy July MySouthernJoy!

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  2. Wow these are some great goals. 15 day no spend challenge, wow I think I would seriously struggle with this. Maybe thats a sign that I should try! Good luck with your goals, can’t wait to see how it goes!

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  3. I can’t believe we’re in July either! Time is sure flying by for 2017. That’s a great goals list that you have. Best of luck with each goal. I can relate to #s 5,9, and 10. In addition to that, I focusing on committing to a more consistent workout schedule, a more consistent blogging schedule, and saving money for my travel fund!

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  4. I love these goals and I love that you reset every month and re-evaluate what you need to focus on. I think that’s what’s important, more important than just once a year! I think these are really great goals. I really need to think about my own and what’s important to me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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