Must Have Item of the Month: Fidget Spinner  

Hello, Guys and Gals! I remember when I growing up, toys were made to challenge you such as the Paddle with a ball. It stressed me the freak out to be unable to make more than 2 hits. NOW, they make toys that are supposed to relieve the stress that kids are experiencing. So let’s talk about the Fidget Spinner that everyone is selling. They can be purchased on Amazon and almost any store you walk in. There are so many different types such as spinners with Bluetooth, spinners that light up and spinners that glow in the dark. There are also Pros and Cons of the little thang-a-ma-jigga.

PROS: Everyone wants to be a part of the latest trends. Believe it or not, this is a positive trend to be a part of. Trends like this tend to bring people together which build one’s social skills. The Fidget Spinner is also a great stress reliever.  It has been reported that kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD are likely to stay more focus.

CONS: As much good as this toy does, it also has it’s bad sides. For some people, this toy can become a distraction. Therefore some schools and jobs are banning them. Some people don’t understand the purpose of them like myself. It doesn’t do anything for me. To me, it is just a toy.

No matter the reason you buy a Fidget Spinner, just remember to have fun.

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One thought on “Must Have Item of the Month: Fidget Spinner  

  1. I agree with the author of this post. What exactly is the purpose of these fidget spinner? How can they be stress reliever. In fact the golden one looks dangerous! it has sharp edges. To me that looks like ninja blades or something.
    Thanks to author for such an informative article, this is something new I read today. I was not aware of these fidget spinner until I read this post. 🙂

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