Weekend Snapshot: Tricks to Keeping the Relationship Fresh

Hello there, Guys and Gals! This weekend has been one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. Everything about this weekend was unique, unforgettable, and filled with so much love. My significant other and I have been together for almost 2 years and we have had some ups and down. But within 72 hours, I was reminded why I fell in love with him. Here is a snapshot of how my weekend went and things we did to keep our relationship fresh. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Started the weekend with a morning walk on the Greenway. Going on walks give you time to reconnect with each other and actually communicate with no distraction.
My significant other gave me a time to be dressed and ready. So I decided to paint my nails. Lover yourself, it makes it so easy for someone to love you as well.
New makeup products. Pretty spring colors
Date night makeup look. Trying a different look or perfume is a good way to keep the relationship fresh.
2017-05-21-00-02-56-687 (1)
I was so excited and anxious to find out where we were going. You don’t have to be in control all the time, just sit back and enjoy the ride.
My significant other took me on a surprise date. This was the sweetest thing ever. Like most couples, we normally do the same things for date night. So to have him plan the entire night without my input was special. Try doing things and going places you normally would not.
We decided to take a walk downtown while we waited on our table and saw this. The walk around downtown was not planned but we found some neat spots that made us appreciate staying in Charlotte a little more.
My date/significant other really made tonight special in more ways than one. He gave me that “first date” feeling.


We found some really cool areas while walking downtown. Never knew Charlotte had so many gems around town.

2017-05-20-23-30-39-874 (2)

I could live in this moment forever….side by side Enjoy the moments. We as adults get caught up in household duties such as bills, kids, and work; we forget about how to love and appreciate one another. 
Woke up early Sunday morning to go the Flea Market. He knew I’ve been talking about going there forever but never had the time. Do something your significant other wants to do, even if you don’t like it.


20170521_133927_001 (1)
We took a trip to one of our favorite place in the world. The love for interior decorating is something we have in common. We spend hours looking at things to buy for our apartment and our future house. Plan your future together all the way down to the smallest detail. Speak it into existence.


Even though it was raining, I still decided to get cute. Love yourself, the most important thing you can ever do.(hence the reason I said it twice)
First time eating Peruvian Food for both of us. Create memories that will last a lifetime. These memories will get you through the rough patches of a relationship.
The food was amazing. A great way to end an awesome weekend.  These ticks reminded me why I fell in love in the first place and I hope they do the same for you.


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