What’s In My Purse

Hello, Guys and Gals!!! I have always been told that your purse says a lot about who you are. The items in a woman’s purse can reveal her age, the role she plays in her life and even a glimpse of her soul. Over the years I have found this theory to be true. There are certain things that I must have on me at all times and can’t seem to live without.  Then there are things that just find its way into my purse. So, yes! You may find receipts that are a week old or even 2 lip balms in my purse at any given time. Here is a list of what’s in my purse right now as I write this awesome blog:

My Journal– I keep it in my purse because my memory is not like it use to be. I have to write down my thoughts and ideas quickly before I forget them.

A Calendar- Thanks, memory! This is an item that my age is revealed.

Motives Cosmetics (Bella) Lipgloss– It is my “go to” lip gloss because it goes with any makeup look. So I keep it in my purse at all times.

Eos Lip Balm and Chapstick– You can never have too many lip balms. They seem to magically disappear in the bottom of my purse.

My Wallet– This is the most important item in my purse. It is my lifeline.

Play by Givenchy Perfume– One of my favorite fragrances. It’s great to wear for any occasion.

Sunglasses, 2 pens, a phone charger and 3 Walmart receipts.

So as I stated before what’s in a woman’s purse reveals a lot about her. As you can see, I can’t remember anything without putting it on paper and I hate to have dry lips. Most importantly, if I’m ever without my wallet or phone, my world will stop spinning.  Now you know what’s in my purse.

Every Gal need these items in her bag


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11 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse

  1. So very true! I keep a paper planner, so I totally get the journal and calendar. I also have lip gloss, EOS lip balm, several pens (why do i need more then 1), wallet, and typically my clutch of diabetes supplies.Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Interesting. Never knew the contents of your bag can reveal your age! I carry a crossbody bag & there’s nothing in there but my carmex (lipbalm), my phone, my debit & credit card (because I hate using wallets & I never carry cash. Very seldom that I do). & my phone & sometimes my charger. Oh, also, a mini brush for when I wear wigs & a lot of change 😂 Because it’s so small, I don’t keep everything in it. & that’s a good thing. When I use to carry big bags, I would put everything in it! Never a good idea 😂 Thanks for this post! I hope in the future, I can create a post like this 😀
    Mellie Michelle
    Beauty Blogger


  3. LOL @ 3 Walmart receipts!
    I’m almost scared to check what receipts I have in my wallet, sometimes they’re in there so long the print has rubbed off so I can’t even tell. And I carry a journal/diary as well! I think they’ll be so nice to read through in a few years’ time and just remember small things you were doing 🙂
    Julz | FrameAmbition.com

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