5 Ways to Beat the Blues and Stay Positive

Hello Guys and Gals!!! I know that life can get a little crazy and you just do not feel like doing anything.  Society has made stress and depression a taboo subject. Therefore, many people suffer in silence. Due to certain life issues, I found myself dealing with stress and depression. Here are a few ways I found to beat the blues.


Years ago, I use to ride motorcycles. Whenever I was stressed and needed to clear my mind, I would ride down a road that went from Wrens, GA to Clarks Hill, GA( my favorite route). Something about the curves of the road, the speed and scenery that made me feel at peace with all my problems. Think of a place that makes you feel this way… your happy place can be anywhere.


Being active can be anything from working out at the gym to taking a brisk walk in the park. Such exercises can improve your health and reduce stress. It also causes the release of chemicals called endorphins into your bloodstream, making you feel relaxed and happy.


Being able to talk to someone about your issues to can have huge positive effect on beating the blues.  Find a close friend or family member that is not judgemental , will listen and be supportive to talk about your feelings. Just remember that there is nothing to be ashamed of and everyone experience stress and depression at some point in life.

4. Seek Medical Help

Once I turned 30, my lack of work/life balance begin to cause a lot stress and I became depressed. I tried everything under the sun but still could not beat the blues. It became so bad that I started to distance myself from family, friends, and even my significant other. I put my proud to the side and made an appointment with my doctor. She prescribed me medication and it has changed my mental state in such a positive way. Sometime you have to do what is best for you regardless of what others may think.


Once you begin to think positive, positive things will happen. Life may seem hard right now, but YOU GOT THIS!!! Weeping may endure from the night but joy will come in the morning.

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